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An employee name tag can say a lot about your company.
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Employee name tags have proven to be effective to customers: Social Science Research Solutions conducted a recent survey in which people were asked how important it was to recognize a person by name in business. Ninety-six percent agreed it is important, with over 70 percent stating it is essential to be able to identify a sales person by name, and 76 percent indicating they felt a company was more professional when employees wore name tags. Luckily, your business can take advantage of the benefits of having unique employee name tags with just a small amount of thought and effort.

Tag Types

    Name tag types typically include the rectangular plastic or metal kind that can be ordered from businesses specializing in their manufacture, reusable plastic covers and self-adhesive paper -- both purchased from office supply stores -- and quirky, creatively-made in-house tags that express your business’s ideas. One or more of these types might be better suited to your business than the others. Name badges can be adhered to clothing using pins, clips, lanyards or magnets. All of these types of tags can serve to reinforce your business’s brand, introduce associates to customers and set a general tone within the business.


    When considering employee name tags, first think about what you want the tags to achieve. Do you want them to serve as a basis for establishing rapport with customers and be a conversation starter? If so, you can make (or order) tags with the employee’s photo and a brief description of a personal interest. For example, you can use pin-backed photo buttons displaying words like, “Joanie, Lover of Animals.” Similarly, if you want to enhance a cheerful business environment, the tags could be made collage-style, incorporating various types of interesting papers, such as rice paper, on which a uniquely different sunny smile appears under each person’s name. This type of tag can be laminated and attached to clothing using one of the various methods mentioned previously.


    Name tags can be customized in a variety of ways. You can draw your customers' attention to badges with words created by cutting out letters from magazines. You could include a happy salutation on each tag, such as, “Greetings! My name is Brittany,” rather than simply stating only the associate’s name. Don’t feel locked into using the same tag year-round; change the tags to match various seasons. For example, use images and shapes of a glittery holiday ornament for Christmas, a cheery pumpkin for Halloween or a pretty heart for Valentine’s Day. You could even have your employees individualize their own tags by embellishing them with a variety of craft store products, such as sequins or beads, dried flower petals, colorful acrylic paint or shiny metallic stars.

Promote Your Business

    Name badges can be a solid way to market your business, especially when you create a memorable design that will stick in the minds of your customers. You could use a custom-shaped tag that represents the service your company offers. For instance, a bakery might have tags shaped like cupcakes, or a clothing shop’s employee tags could be in the shape of a dress. In addition to the employee’s name, be sure to include elements that will reinforce your business' brand, such as your company’s predominant colors, your logo or perhaps your business' tagline.

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