Effective Ways to Share Information in the Workplace

Face-to-face meetings are an effective method of sharing.
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In every workplace, having the ability to share information can have a positive effect on productivity, and efficiency. Some employees may find easier and more efficient methods to achieve a goal that could lead to cost savings for the company. There are a number of ways to share information among employees and work groups.

Face-to-Face meetings

    Face-to face information sharing is the safest and most efficient method of information sharing. In meetings, everyone can share their information and ask questions. This allows them to get the answers they need without having to wait. One problem with face-to-face information sharing is that sometimes it is not possible or economical to meet face-to-face. If you have to share information with someoen in California and you are in North Carolina, it is highly unlikely that your company will send you to California just for a face-to-face meeting.


    E-mail is another way to share information. The information can be placed in an e-mail and sent to multiple individuals or groups with a few clicks of a button. One problem with e-mail is security. It would be very easy to send important information to the wrong people. The use of e-mail also increases the response time to questions, because you have to wait until the other person calls you or sends you an e-mail response to your question.


    Forums have become a newer form of information sharing. It is useful for organizations with large numbers of employees and work groups. Forums allow you to post shared information in a central webpage with controlled access. Usually, people who want the information will have to sign up and log in first. This helps to increase security. Also, multiple people can be logged into a forum at one time. Once they are logged in, they can talk to each other by posting information and questions in the forum. This allows multiple people to see and respond to the initial question.

Telephones and Conference Calls

    Calling individuals on the phone or having conference calls for larger groups of people are additional ways to share information. Like a face-to-face conversation, it gives everyone the opportunity to ask questions and get answers during the call. Another advantage is that people do not all have to be in the same building or location. This is cheaper for companies since it eliminates any travel time or travel costs associated with the information sharing.

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