The Effect of Employee Attitude on Productivity in the Workplace

Workplace attitudes can affect your ability to do your job.
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Bosses want you to show up to work with more than just your business clothes on; they prefer you come to work wearing a smile with that suit. The attitude you bring to the job can make or break your career. When you cop a bad attitude at work, you can infect your co-workers with your negative vibes. Negative attitudes -- just like positive ones -- have a direct effect on worker productivity and a company's bottom line.

Negative Attitudes

    People with negative attitudes are difficult to work with. They're like vampires who suck the life out of positive ideas and brainstorming sessions. That complainer who only sees the bad in a situation stomps out creativity with the first few words that comes out her mouth. With a person on the team who continually exhibits negativity or complains about everything, employees may hesitate to share ideas that could have positive influences on work and productivity.

Positive Attitudes

    Positive attitudes are just as catching as negative ones. A positive attitude has the ability to engage employees in their work. Positive attitudes lead to optimistic exchanges that promote growth and progressiveness. Communication is enhanced, teams perform better, morale is increased and productivity improves. People thrive when they are immersed in a positive experience. They are impelled to achieve more and take ownership of the results.

Managers Set the Tone

    Every manager has an opportunity to set the workplace "attitude" tone for her staff. The manager who inspires her staff by staying positive creates an environment that encourages creativity and innovation. If she deftly manages that surly co-worker by addressing complaints logically, her staff will feel safe to share their ideas that can improve a company and add to its growth. Employees who feel good about coming to work are more involved in what they do. The company's success becomes personal to the employee and everyone reaps the rewards.

Attitudes and Productivity

    Since 1997, Gallup has conducted surveys polling more than 3 million workers about engagement. In its results, three types of workers have been identified: engaged, not engaged and actively disengaged. The engaged employees -- the ones with the positive mindsets -- are the "builders." The not-engaged workers are neutral, neither positive nor negative, while the actively disengaged workers are considered by Gallup as the "cave dwellers." These cave dwellers with their negative attitudes, Gallup says, "thrive on being part of the problem" instead of helping find solutions, which ultimately lead to productivity.

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