Easy Yoga for Bigger Buttocks

Warrior poses work your glutes.
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Thinking about trying yoga to build up that derriere? With a few simple moves, you can perk up your buttocks for definition and increased muscle mass. If you want to see major growth in your bottom line, you will need to gain weight to help round out your buttock-building routine. Though yoga may contribute to to the appearance of bigger buttocks, no exercise will completely change your body style. While you'll likely be pleased with yoga's toning effects, don't be disappointed if it doesn't transform you into J-Lo.

About Yoga

    Yoga may tone your body, but it was designed for far more than that. Created in ancient India, yoga includes poses, breathing methods, meditation and lifestyle guidelines. The gentler forms of yoga concentrate on the meditative aspects of the practice, while more strenuous forms rely heavily on poses. Yoga lowers stress levels, and may be used as complementary treatment for anxiety. It is also used to help ease depression, high blood pressure and diabetes, although it is not a stand-alone medicine for any ailment.

Yoga for Buttocks

    A beginning yoga class can ease you into this style of exercise as well as help tone your buttocks. You can also perform yoga at home; just be sure to warm up with a brisk 10-minute walk before you get started. Begin with easy stretches that incorporate your glutes, such as Big Toe pose, Fire Log pose and Happy Baby pose. Then move on to strength-building moves such as Warrior I pose, Locust pose and Half Moon pose.

Other Moves

    Yoga is a terrific start, but try adding some additional moves for the best buttock-building routine. Squats and lunges are easy to do at home, and you'll feel the burn in your buttocks, hips and thighs. Walking up and down stairs, or using a stair stepper, is another great bun builder. Plus, if you keep moving for at least 10 minutes you can add this exercise to your cardio count -- a good thing, since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends at least two and a half hours of moderate cardio every week.

Weight Gain

    If you're on the skinny side, gain some weight to fill out that booty. You may get full more quickly than your heavier counterparts, so eat frequently throughout the day to get your calories in without feeling stuffed. Put down the donuts, and choose foods high in both calories and nutrients. Peanut butter, avocado, whole-wheat pasta and reduced-fat cheese are all quality choices. In between meals, sip on fruit smoothies and protein shakes to fit in even more calories.

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