Easy Exercises to Lose Belly & Chest Fat for Men

Chest and belly fat are a common problem for men.
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Trimming off extra fat around the belly and chest may be a challenge for some men, but it's worth the effort. MayoClinic.com states that men carrying extra fat are at higher risk for sleep apnea, high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, some cancers and other medical conditions. By making changes in diet and exercise, you can reduce these risks by losing fat all over the body, including your belly and chest.


Physical activity of any kind will burn calories, which can lead to weight loss. Burning more calories in a day than you consume is the most effective way to lose belly and chest fat. You won't be able to target just those two areas, however -- when fat is burned, it affects the entire body. Begin an exercise routine if you currently don’t work out, or increase your exercise if you’re already active. MayoClinic.com recommends that men spend at least 150 minutes engaged in moderate activity, or 75 minutes in intense activity, weekly. Simple exercises that help to burn calories and reduce belly and chest fat include running, jogging, brisk walking, swimming and bicycling, according to BodyBuilding.com. These activities are aerobic in nature, which means they challenge the cardiovascular system to burn fat efficiently during exercise.

Strength Training

Strength training also contributes to a trimmer-looking belly and chest. While strength training alone will not effectively burn the extra fat, MayoClinic.com says it will help build and tone muscle under the fat. Easy strength training exercises to help improve the appearance of your belly and chest include abdominal crunches, leg extensions, pushups and bench pressing. Increased muscle mass in your abdomen and pectorals will encourage the conversion of fat to toned muscles.

Dietary Considerations

Losing belly and chest fat is the most effective when exercises are combined with a restricted-calorie diet, according to MedlinePlus. Reducing the amount of calories you consume daily will cause the body to reduce fatty tissue throughout the body. If your current weight is more than 200 pounds but less than 300 pounds, Virginia's MOVE! Weight Management Program recommends consuming between 1,500 and 2,500 calories daily. If your starting weight is less than 200 pounds, your daily calorie goal should be between 1,200 and 1,500 calories. Consult a physician or registered dietitian for guidance.

General Considerations

Implement a basic exercise routine and slowly increase the intensity and length of your workouts. Contact a personal trainer to help create an effective schedule and routine. MayoClinic.com defines healthy weight loss as losing less than 2 pounds weekly. Extreme dieting and exercise can put your health at risk. If you become lightheaded, dizzy or nauseous while exercising, stop your routine and call your doctor.

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