Duties of a Bible Study Group Coordinator

The group coordinator has a role of organizing a schedule to ensure the group's success.
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The Bible is the world’s best-selling, widely distributed nonfiction book, with estimates of over 5 billion copies printed in over 2,123 languages as of 2013, according to Guinness World Records. It is this great interest in the Bible, and the desire to understand it, that has motivated people to form Bible study groups, where they share their insights into the word of God with the view of getting solutions to the challenges they go through on a day-to-day basis. The position and duty of a Bible study coordinator is vital for the success of the study group.

Invitation and Recruitment

    It is your duty, as a Bible study group coordinator, to invite and remind your group members of scheduled Bible study meetings. You can invite them to the Bible study using the announcements during the church service or through personal calls and emails. Your aim should be to see the group not only grow spiritually through the study of the Bible, but also numerically by personally recruiting new members and by encouraging the current members to invite their friends when coming for the Bible study.

Topic Selection

    One of the greatest roles you have as a Bible study group coordinator is to choose the topic that you intend to study. You can do this by assessing the spiritual maturity of the group you are coordinating and then selecting the best Bible Study material that will help address the needs of your group. You should also be open to receiving suggestions from the group on what topics they would like handled; this will help to ensure that members feel they have a part and say in the group.

Role Modelling

    Your position as a Bible study coordinator will be open to scrutiny from the rest of the members, therefore you must be a good role model. It will be hard to have an impact as a leader if you say one thing and do another. Your life must be consistent with the teachings of the Bible. You must be exemplary in your faith, your lifestyle, the expression of your understanding of spirituality and your leadership skills.


    The success of any Bible study group will also depend on the cooperation of its individual members. As a leader, you success will depend on how effectively the rest of the group cooperates with you. The duty of cooperation is a collective role that each member needs to play. The members must cooperate in coming for the meetings and in participating during the meetings. As the Bible coordinator, encourage your team to cooperate so that you may achieve your goals.

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