What Are the Duties of an Aviation Consultant?

The aviation consultant confers with the management for the best operational analysis strategies.
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Aviation consultants works with an aviation company, aviation attorney or insurance company providing solutions on complex technical issues. An aviation consultant (AC) helps clients understand the latest and the best aviation practices. She may also be responsible for overseeing the procedures of surveillance of air traffic, as well as developing and implementing aviation certification programs. The prerequisite for the job is a bachelor’s degree in aviation administration. Prior experience in commercial airline industry is desirable for a better job prospect.

Operational Analysis

    The primary duty of an AC is to conduct technical reviews aimed at evaluating the welfare of operational analysis of safety performance. It is her mandate to make relevant commitments on safety procedures and measures to the company sub-divisions for smooth aircraft operations. She may also establish new policies and consult the management for the best operational analysis strategies that suit the needs of her company.

Aircraft Maintenance

    An AC should be aware of the airport management practices and procedures. She must understand the aircraft transportation regulations to advise on aircraft control systems suitable for her company. The AC should review and recommend to the chief aviation officer for approval of all repairs and maintenance actions. The aim is to enhance productivity of the company while observing safety and cost effectiveness.

Legal Advisory

    In case of litigation, the AC advises her client(s) on what evidence to preserve and regulations that apply to the prevailing cases, such as those involving aircraft accidents. The AC represents her client in court to provide opinions which help the jury in evaluating the available facts to determine liability. She may also be required to prepare a written report detailing her opinion or testimony at trial.


    The AC prepares periodical reports on the performance analysis of the progress of aviation activities to the management of her client’s company. The reports should give special attention to the technical and engineering departments. She should also present the current financial performance covering revenue and capital expenditure. The aim is to ensure the achievement of the company prospects by employing proper resource use through the budgetary allocations.

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