Dual Adjustable Pulley Exercises

Dual adjustable pulleys can help you to tone every muscle in your body, including your back.
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Women seeking a simplified workout routine will be drawn to the dual adjustable pulley machine. It's a versatile piece of exercise equipment that allows you to tone every muscle in your body with a single machine. By moving the pulleys up and down with one or two limbs in unison or alternating, this machine provides endless exercise options to include in your workout routine. Create a complete workout routine using upper body exercises, lower body exercises, core exercises and total-body exercises.

Upper Body Exercises

    Choose at least three upper body exercises to mix into your routine. Start with both pulleys set at about your waist height, and face away from the machine and try chest presses. Then turn around, face the machine and try back rows. Both of those exercises can be done with arms moving in unison or alternating, with the alternating option working the core muscles in addition to the arms. Move both pulleys down low and try low rows, bicep curls and lateral shoulder raises. Options with the pulleys high include straight arm pull downs and triceps pull downs. For all upper body exercises, complete two to three sets of eight to twelve repetitions.

Lower Body Exercises

    To do lower body exercises on the dual pulley machine, set one pulley to its lowest setting. You will only be able to use one pulley at a time for leg exercises. Wrap the ankle strap attachment around one ankle. To work your thighs, face away from the pulley and do 12 straight leg forward kicks on each leg. To work your inner thigh muscles, stand facing sideways from the pulley with the inside leg attached, and pull your straight leg across your body in front of the other leg 12 times. To work your butt muscles, stand facing the pulley and pull your straight leg backwards 12 times on each side. Include at least three lower body exercises into your routine.

Core Exercises

    Most core exercises using the dual adjustable pulleys require two hands to be placed on one handle. With the one pulley set to waist level and both hands on the handle, stand facing sideways from the cable and twist with straight arms away from the machine. This torso rotation exercise will work many of your core muscles. Repeat 12 times on each side. Also, in the same position, bring both arms with the cable overhead, and lean away from the machine 12 times on each side. This side bending motion will work the obliques along the sides of your stomach.

Total Body Exercises

    Total body exercises involve multiple body parts working at the same time. There are many combinations of exercises that you can do, and here are a few examples. You can combine any upper body pulley exercise with a lunge. For example, you can lunge backwards with one leg as you row both pulleys. You can also easily combine a squat with many exercises, such as a squat with a bicep curl. Core exercises can also easily be mixed with leg exercises, such as a lunge stepback then a cable twist. Include at least two total-body exercises at the end of your workout.

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