What Drinks Are Best for Rehydrating Your Body After a Workout?

Chocolate milk is a good postworkout drink.
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Drinking chocolate milk after a strenuous workout sounds like a guilty pleasure, but believe it or not, it can actually be the healthiest way to get rehydrated. Many people choose sports drinks or water to drink after a workout. Unfortunately, those drinks only replace fluids or electrolytes. Chocolate milk does much more. Kelly Phillips of "Fitness" magazine states specifically that chocolate milk provides calcium, potassium, and A, B and D vitamins to the body.

Michael Phelps Drinks Chocolate Milk Postworkout

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CBS News states that during the 2004 Olympics, Michael Phelps was seen drinking chocolate milk between his events. Phelps may have known that by drinking chocolate milk between swimming events, he was nourishing his muscles with the right chemicals that would give him more energy and prolong his endurance while racing. Chocolate milk offers carbohydrates and protein, making it much more beneficial than plain water or sports drinks.

Football Star Hines Ward Promotes Chocolate Milk After Workouts

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Hines Ward, a participant in the Ironman Triathlon in 2013, teamed up with "Got Chocolate Milk?" to help him train. The dietitian for the Ironman triathlon is Penny Wilson, and she makes chocolate milk a staple for all the athletes training for the competition. She based her decision on all of the research that proves athletes bodies' refuel faster and stronger when drinking chocolate milk between workouts.

White Milk vs. Chocolate Milk

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According to The National Dairy Council, white milk and chocolate milk provide the same nutrients and vitamins. However, there is a difference in the caloric content between the two. Chocolate milk has about 60 more calories per serving and also has a much higher carbohydrate count than regular white milk. It was also noted, however, that as long as a person is exercising and expending energy, weight gain should not occur when drinking either variety.

Myths About Chocolate Milk Debunked

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Myths about chocolate milk include that it is bad for kids and can cause tooth decay and even acne. According to the Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company, studies done at the University of Pennsylvania showed that chocolate does not lead to acne. Furthermore, the Forsyth Dental Center found no correlation between chocolate and tooth decay. Finally, chocolate milk provides a good measure of zinc, potassium and iron, and therefore is not bad for kids when drunk in moderation.

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