Drills for Keeping Your Head Down During Golf Swings

Keep your eyes on the ball through the moment of impact.
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You’ve all heard it, on the course or the driving range -- a golf instructor or a fellow golfer telling a player, “Keep your head down.” But despite its iconic status in the world of golf advice, instructors differ on how much your head should move during your swing. Many experts agree with golf pro Jeff Mount that “keep your head down” really means “keep the eyes down.”

Tee Drill

    Step 1

    Take a tee -- make sure it’s clean -- and put it in your mouth so it points straight in front of you.

    Step 2

    Assume your stance and make sure the tee points to the ball.

    Step 3

    Take your normal swing but observe the direction, or directions, in which the tee points. If it points at the ball all the way from address through impact, then your eyes are staying down, as they should. But if the tee wavers in any direction, leave it in place and take some more swings. Make the necessary adjustments to keep the tee lined up with the ball throughout your swing.

Golf Shaft Drill

    Step 1

    Take an old golf club shaft -- or a similar straight, thin rod -- and place it about 6 inches directly past the ball, relative to your address position. Set the rod at about the same angle of your club shaft when you address the ball.

    Step 2

    Address the ball so your line of sight runs straight through the ball and the rod.

    Step 3

    Focus on both the rod and the ball while you swing. Ideally, the ball and the rod should remain in your direct line of sight, or very close to it, through the impact point.


    • Mount believes golfers should keep their heads still, but not literally down. Lowering your head at address restricts your backswing shoulder turn, robbing you of power and possibly throwing your swing offline. Instead, set your head high enough to allow the lead shoulder to turn smoothly under your chin during the backswing. After you’ve assumed the correct stance, keep your eyes down and your head fairly still throughout your swing.

    Things You'll Need

    • Golf tee

    • Golf shaft or similar object

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