How to Dress for a Personal Banker Interview

Think of the banker you'd like to have, and dress like that woman.
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A personal banker is the face of the bank. It's her job to help customers choose and open accounts, and to help maintain healthy relations between the bank and its customers. When you're interviewing for a job, you have to show the hiring manager that you can pull off a look that screams "professional." There isn't a standard uniform for a personal banker interview, but some tried-and-true guidelines can help you pick just the right wardrobe for the job.

Basic Ensemble

    Personal bankers have to look professional, so err on the side of upscale. You can't go wrong with classic business wardrobe pieces, such as a pencil skirt with a silk blouse, a two-piece suit or a sheath dress. Stick with classic colors like navy, gray or camel and use bold colors and prints in moderation. A nice blouse under a blazer is a nice opportunity for a subtle print, for example. As a rule of thumb, go for skirts that end right above the knee and steer clear of high slits; shorter, more revealing skirts might send the wrong message.


    The proper attire for a personal banking interview skews toward the conservative, but your accessories give you the chance to add just a little personal pop. Avoid gaudy, oversized or jangly jewelry, but feel free to pick a piece or two that really shows your personal character – a distinct necklace or bracelet may even help the interviewer remember you. Go with a small, simple purse or even a sleek portfolio and add a classy watch to show that you mean business. For the upscale bank environment, hose are a must-have if you choose to wear a skirt. Match them to your shoes for a put-together look that also makes your legs look longer.

Hygiene and Neatness

    Whatever outfit you choose for your interview, make sure it fits properly. A well-tailored ensemble tells the hiring manager that you're organized, neat and have all your ducks in a row – essential qualities for a personal banker. Wear a conservative amount of makeup and avoid overpowering perfume in favor of lighter scents. Respect the details: keep your hair brushed, nails clean and clothes lint-free. Complete the professional look with polished, scuff-free shoes.

More Tips

    When you drop off your resume before the interview, take a look at what the other staff members at the bank are wearing – this helps give you an idea of what's acceptable work wear and what isn't. No matter what you see on TV, don't show cleavage at your interview. Before you sit down with the hiring manager, sit down in front of a mirror to see how the whole ensemble looks when you're seated.

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