How to Dress for Interview With a Food Manufacturer

Tailor your dress toward the food manufacturing position you hope to obtain.
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The clothes you need to wear to an interview with a food manufacturing company vary based on the position you hope to attain. An applicant seeking a management position must dress in professional attire appropriate to the future role while a person hoping to work in food preparation may want to wear more practical clothing.

Corporate Position Clothing

    If you apply for a position at headquarters or in the office section of a processing facility, normal business attire standards need to be followed. Wear a tailored, coordinating pantsuit or a skirt with a matching blazer to an interview at a corporate location with a more rigid dress code. At a location with more casual dress, opt for a less formal pantsuit or a dress with a matching sweater or jacket. When wearing professional business attire, pick a pair of a subtle heels or dress shoes to put the finishing touches on your outfit.


    When the food manufacturing place you are applying at requires employees to dress in uniforms, consider wearing an ensemble similar to the uniform a worker in your chosen position would wear. For example, if you are applying to work in a bakery where every employee wears a logo-branded polo shirt and khaki pants, wear a pair of casual dress slacks or khakis and a tucked-in dress shirt or polo shirt. This lets your potential employer see how well you understand the policies of the workplace and how easily you can fit in as a new worker.


    Workers in a food processing or manufacturing plant typically wear shoes capable of protecting the feet from falling items while providing long-term comfort. For an interview for a job on the manufacturing floor, put on a pair of supportive, closed-toe shoes in a neutral color, such as black, brown or grey. While you can enjoy some footwear wiggle room at your interview, wearing practical shoes shows off your knowledge of the work's physical requirements and leaves you ready to walk-through the facility if the opportunity arises.

Finishing Touches

    To put the finishing touches on your presentation at a job interview, clean and press your clothing. If you are up for a corporate position, invest in a professional haircut and choose a few sophisticated accessories to accentuate your outfit, such as a small necklace, a ring, and a watch or bracelet. When you are attending an interview for a role that involves handling food, you may wear jewelry but be prepared to remove it if your interview process could include any type of machine testing. Take along a hair tie or headband in case you need to secure your hair.

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