How to Dress for an Internal Warehouse Interview

Internal warehouse job candidates should appear clean, professional and upbeat.
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How you dress for an internal warehouse interview could be the deciding factor in whether or not you get the job. What you wear will present an immediate first impression and, although you will possess some advantages, the warehouse is part of the same company for which you already work, and you may already know some of the people employed in the department . These positives don’t necessarily give you the option to dress any way you want for an interview. Your goal should be to dress to impress.

Your Guide

    Jeans and a blouse may be your workday wear after you land the job. For your interview, however, let the person interviewing you be your guide and dress similarly, or one step better. Find out who you'll be meeting with. It might be the warehouse manager or human resources personnel who may generally dress in business-casual clothing -- anything from twill pants and a shirt to a pantsuit, or even a dress or skirt and blouse. Think of yourself as a supervisor or administrator and dress the part with a clean, ironed outfit. Doing so will boost your confidence.


    You want to appear smart with an understanding of warehouse work. Your shoe choice can add or detract from that impression. If you’re wearing a cute dress or skirt, you may be tempted to slip into some snazzy high-rise heels or peep-toe platforms. Aim for comfort and come across as level-headed, intelligent and capable, all of which can be achieved by wearing a pair of functional, fashionable shoes in which you won’t have to worry about teetering, tripping or injuring yourself in a warehouse environment in the event you are given a tour of the facility.

Hair and Makeup

    Warehouse employees are generally hardworking and no nonsense, and you want to be perceived that way, too. Your hair can be worn up, down or tied back. Regardless of the style, make sure it’s clean and swept off your face. Makeup should be conservative and played down. Remember your environment: you’re applying for a warehouse job, not attending a party. Too-bright eye shadow or intensely colored lips can come between you and what you’ll be attempting to tell the interviewer about yourself.

Things to Avoid

    Refrain from wearing anything that might turn the focus of your interviewer away from the communication occurring between you. This could include wearing jangly jewelry, chewing gum or even displaying a pin touting your favorite band. Heavy perfume, too-tight clothing, shorts or flip-flops should also be avoided. Try to leave the interviewer with the positive impression of a conscientious woman who has a future with the company.

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