How to Dress for a Finish Line Interview

Don't dress too formally or too casually for your Finish Line interview.
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With nearly 700 stores located across the U.S. as of July 2013, Finish Line is one of the leading athletic retailers in the country. If you've visited a Finish Line store, you already know that the sales reps and store management dress pretty casually. While there's no doubt that the work dress for employees at Finish Line retail stores is relaxed, that's not necessarily how you should dress for a Finish Line interview.

The All-Important Outfit

    When it comes to making a good first impression at a job interview, it's all about the outfit. If you get a job at a Finish Line retail store, you'll probably end up wearing slacks and a polo shirt to work each day, but go a different route for the job interview. A nice pair of dress slacks with a freshly laundered blouse in neutral colors is the best choice. Make sure the colors and patterns aren't too outrageous and that your clothing style is contemporary.

The Right Shoes

    Forget about heels! Not only are they hard on your feet, they're also too formal for a Finish Line interview. Open-toed shoes are also out. Instead, choose attractive flats in a neutral color that match or complement the color of your clothes. Your shoes should be similar to your outfit -- clean, professional and not too distracting for the interviewer. Leave the stiletto heels and revealing sandals for a night out on the town.

The Perfect Accessories

    You may enjoy wearing bold, chunky jewelry when you're out with friends or family, but leave it at home for your interview. Not only is it inappropriate for a Finish Line interview, it also won't be appropriate if you actually get the job. If you do decide to wear jewelry, make it tasteful and subtle. A thin necklace and stud earrings, for example, would be good choices and would add a nice finishing touch to your interview outfit.

Keep it Clean

    Whatever you do, make sure you're well groomed for your interview. Keep your hairstyle simple. Make certain your smile is bright and your nails are clean. Also, keep in mind that how you smell is an important part of the overall impression you make on a potential employer. You'll want your odor to be pleasant, but not overpowering, so don't drench yourself in perfume. Keep your makeup to a minimum. Don't overwhelm your interviewer with heavy eyeliner or outrageous nail colors.

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