Does Using an Exercise Bike Help Burn Belly Fat?

Riding an exercise bike is helpful in reducing belly fat.
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When used in a targeted manner, an exercise bike will help you burn belly fat. The key is to know how to use a stationary bike to your advantage. While spot reduction is not possible, increasing the intensity of your strength and core routine along with following a sensible diet will help you lose body fat all over, including belly fat. It is wise to talk about your fitness goals with your doctor before starting any new exercise regimen.

Bicycle Sprints

Interval training is highly recommended to efficiently burn fat. One way to do this is to begin with a five-minute warm-up at low speed, then pedal as fast as you can for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds and repeat this cycle a dozen times. Over time, extend the 20/10 ratio while increasing resistance and try to build your endurance up to riding a minute nonstop. Working in bicycle sprints in your exercise routine on a regular basis along with reducing your calorie intake will burn fat and firm up your belly.

Crank Up Resistance

To maximize the fitness benefits of an exercise bike, raise the resistance level. Most exercise bikes offer controls to adjust the resistance from low to medium to high. Many bikes also allow you to set a pace, such as slow, moderate and fast.

Other ways to make your exercise bike routine tougher and more likely to burn belly fat is by working out with resistance bands and hand weights while cycling. Recumbent stationary bikes are ideal for resistance and strength training because the reclined position allows your arms more freedom to move while you remain securely seated. The more muscles engaged at the same time, the more fat is likely to be burned.

Mix it Up

To optimize your belly fat workout, include additional fat-burning and muscle-building exercises along with cycling. This means engaging in a medley of cardio, strength and core exercises. Alternate your workouts to avoid predictability.

When the weather cooperates, exercise outdoors. During hot weather, work in outdoor exercise in the morning hours to avoid overheating. Walking, jogging, riding a traditional bicycle and swimming all offer fat-burning benefits. The fresh air and sunlight improves mood and motivation. To support your weight-loss goals, engage in 60 minutes of high-energy exercise several times per week.

Stick With It

You didn't grow your belly fat overnight, so don't expect a washboard stomach after a few cycling sessions. The good news is that belly fat is among the first kinds of fat you shed when you engage in a weight-loss regimen. Consistently using an exercise bike reduces fat and strengthens muscles across your entire body, including your abdomen. Ride your exercise bike for 30 minutes three times per week and focus on interval routines. Try strength-training and endurance activities on other days, striving for 150 minutes of total exercise per week as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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