Does Tennis Work Out Your Butt?

Tennis keeps your muscles consistently engaged.
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If your butt is getting a bit flabby, it may be time to pick up tennis. Tennis is an excellent way to tone the muscles of you rear -- called your gluteals -- because the game keeps your muscles constantly engaged. As you move to meet the ball, stop and change directions, you will begin to feel the tension in your tush. Playing tennis on a consistent basis will give your butt a workout, leading to a lean and muscular look you can be proud of.

Gluteals in Motion

Your butt muscles get a workout during a tennis match by contracting. When the muscles in your rear shorten, it is called a concentric motion. Energy is stored in your rear, which is released with an eccentric motion, the lengthening of your glutes, as power is transmitted from your lower to your upper body, as when you push upward to complete a serve.

Significance of Butt Muscles on the Court

Your butt muscles are an essential part to your ability to move on the tennis court. Your gluteals serve as a conduit for the power as it is transferred from your lower to your upper body. This kinetic chain of energy is involved in every stroke in the game of tennis as energy moves from your legs and hips through your glutes as they contract to send the energy into your arms.

Exercises to Strengthen Glutes off the Court

Because your butt muscles are an important asset on the court, it's important to keep them strengthened and toned. While your glutes will get a good workout simply from playing an intense match, you can get an extra edge by exercising them off the court as well. Lateral shuffles is one example of a strength-training exercise that focuses on your rear muscles. Bend your hips and knees with your feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly lower your body down into a squat position. Step to the left with your left foot, then follow that with a quick step to your left with your right foot. Do 10 to 12 reps going in one direction, to repeat on the other side.

Other Considerations

Tennis is a sport that requires not just strong butt muscles, but also a strong, lean and tough body. To perform well, you will need to practice strength training for both your upper and lower body, as well as your core. Before each strength-training session or tennis match, warm up with a light form of cardio to get your muscles warm and connective tissue loose. Stretch after a match to avoid soreness and tension.

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