Disrespect From Employees: How Does This Harmful Behavior Affect Them?

Being flippant with an employer is disrepectful and has consequences.
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Disrespect from employees is not a new topic, but the way that those actions negatively affect the disrespectful employee is rarely discussed. Speaking disrespectfully to an employee or manager, disobeying instructions from managers, and even encouraging others in the workplace to be disrespectful all have a negative impact on the rude employee.

No Growth

    Disrespectful employees hurt their chances of advancing in the company. Businesses want managers and executives who can encourage the best out of workers. An employee who shows signs of being disrespectful will only bring out the worst in those around them, unless they take steps toward improving a negative attitude linked to acting out in the workplace.

Employee Evaluation Time

    Although employees may forget about their disrespectful attitude or actions, the employer will not. A yearly or quarterly evaluation form will reveal to employees areas where they need to improve. Most employee evaluations involve a pay increase based on performance. By acting disrespectful in the workplace employees hurt their chances of receiving more pay. Showing disrespect in the workplace hinders growth as well as a bigger paycheck.


    Disrespectful employees will be reprimanded for their actions. Once an employer shows the employee company policies against insubordination or any other disrespectful act that the worker has taken, then it is in the employer's hands to reprimand the employee for going against that policy. If it is the first time then the measures taken may be minimal -- maybe a verbal warning -- but if the employee is consistently disrespectful then an employer may take more drastic measures such as suspension or termination.


    Another consequence of being disrespectful in the workplace is being fired. If you are consistently insubordinate, your acts of disrespect have caused harm to another worker, company property gets damaged, and even if your work productivity goes down tremendously because of your disrespectful actions then the employer has the authority to fire you.

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