How to Detect an Affair in the Workplace

Those late night working dinners may start out flirty and lead to something else.
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Office romances have been happening since men and women started working in close proximity in the business world. Some romances result in long-lasting relationships while others fizzle out on the public stage of work. Many companies have adapted no-fraternization policies, but human nature being what it is, some people will test the limits. If you suspect that a couple of your employees or co-workers are putting in a little too much overtime together, there are some indications that an affair is in the works.

Excessive Amounts of Overtime

    If you start noticing that the same two people are always offering to stay late and work on projects, there may be something going on. One glaring clue -- the project never progresses much further than where it was when everyone else left for the day. Working late is one of the top excuses used for people embarking on an affair. An empty office is a welcome playground for would-be lovers. Overtime is not the only time for amorous co-workers; jumping at the chance for out-of-town travel is also a clue. Smalltown, USA, is just not that interesting for someone to keep volunteering to work there.

Ignoring Each Other

    If two people, who seemed to be friends before, start acting as if they’ve never met, something may be up. Affairs don’t happen overnight. There is a buildup when two people are getting close. They share stories, go to lunch, and work on special projects together. Once they start to get intimate, they may think they are deflecting office gossip by deliberately avoiding each other. They may purposefully avoid eye contact in meetings. Spouses may get clued in as well. A co-worker who was mentioned often, now suddenly rarely even warrants a comment.

Covert Meetings

    Walking into the copy room and discovering your co-workers whispering and giggling may be a sign that there is more going on than just idle office gossip. This is especially true if you feel that you are breaking up a party. Seeing those same co-workers - who were pretending to ignore each other during a staff meeting -- canoodling in the parking garage, is a tip off that something is underfoot. If one is or both partners are married, the workplace offers a place where the lovers can avoid the suspicious eyes of their spouses. Of course, the truest sign is actually catching them in the act.

Better Looks and Health

    Suddenly going to the gym on a regular basis and caring more about their appearance can be a big clue about the presence an affair. If you notice that a co-worker is looking prettier or more buff, there may be a romance in the making. You may notice that the two suspected co-workers are looking better. They may even join the same gym in an effort to spend more time together without attracting attention from other employees.

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