The Definition of Communication Skills & Their Importance in a Job

Effective communication is critical to completing projects correctly and on time.
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Communication is the process that occurs between two or more people in which a message is delivered and received by the other party. Communication happens everyday in the workplace. Managers give direction to workers, coworkers communicate to plan a project and employees communicate information to customers. Poor communication leads to misunderstandings and poor customer service.

Means of Communication

    Communication happens through many channels. Messages can be spoken face to face during conversation. They can be delivered to a group in a meeting room. Or, they can be delivered over the telephone. They also can be written in a letter or e-mail, but these forms don't allow the listener to hear the tone of the message that can be heard if the message were spoken. Face to face communication offers many benefits because the listener receives the spoken message, but it is is enhanced by the subtleties of facial expressions and body language.

Clear Message

    The person delivering the message must have the skill to be clear about what he wants. If the message is unclear, it is impossible for the receiver of the message to understand the communication. This means that the speaker must be able to match her vocal tone, body language and expressions with the content of the message.

Receiving the Message

    The person receiving the message must be open to listening to it. One listening skill is not to be distracted by another phone call, television or surfing the Web Otherwise, the message will not be fully received. A skilful listener can provide feedback to let the other person know the message was understood or that more clarification is needed.

Barriers to Effective Communication

    Many barriers will prevent effective communication. For example, cultural differences and the use of slang or jargon may prevent two people from understanding each other. In addition, language that is complicated, technical or overly formal may also prevent a clear message from being delivered. It takes skill to understand what language and words will be understood by all.

Importance of Communication in a Job

    Effective communication occurs when the message is clearly delivered and understood by the other person. This is critical in a job, regardless of your position. If you are a manager, you must clearly communicate instructions to your employees. Employees must communicate with each other to ensure that projects are completed correctly. And, everyone must communicate clearly and consistently with customers.

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