Are Deadlifts a Good Exercise for a Bubble Butt?

Deadlifts are a mandatory exercise for anyone looking to sculpt an eye-catching bubble butt.
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A nicely developed "bubble butt" definitely catches people's eyes. Bubble butts make people stop and stare. Even women have a hard time taking their eyes off other women with a nice backside. A bubble butt is like a round globe on a slender body. It's tight, firm and perky and can have an almost hypnotic effect on your latest crush. Adding deadlifts into your workout routine will definitely help you tone, sculpt and lift your booty. However, to sculpt a true eye-catching butt, you'll need to perform a variety of exercises that hit your glutes from all angles.

The Deadlift

    Walk into the weights area of any gym and you will most likely find guys and girls performing deadlifts in the hopes of sculpting a highly desired booty. Deadlifts are extremely effective in lifting and sculpting a nice backside; however, if your do them incorrectly, they also can place you at high risk for injury -- particularly lower-back injuries. This exercise primarily works your spinal muscle group, gluteus maximus and hamstrings; you can perform it using dumbbells or a barbell.


    Paying particular attention to your form on the deadlift is especially important to get the most benefit from this exercise and avoid any potential injury. Stand with your feet about hip-width apart and your knees slightly bent. Keeping your back flat, bend forward at your hips and grab the barbell in an overhand grip. Keep your arms relaxed and the barbell close to your legs and lift your torso up to a vertical position. The tilting movement for this exercise occurs at the hips. Bend forward at your hips while keeping your arms and the barbell close to your legs and bring your torso down to a parallel position. Squeeze your glutes, press through your heels and return your torso to the upright position.

Weight, Sets and Reps

    Once you have the deadlift technique mastered, start thinking about how much weight you should be lifting. This will depend on factors such as your strength and fitness levels as well as your goals. Start lighter and progress to heavier weight as long as your form is not compromised by lifting a heavier load. For a tight and toned perky butt, perform three to four sets of 15 to 20 repetitions. Your load should be heavy enough so that your last few reps of each set are challenging, yet you are still able to get through them with correct form.

Butt Sculpting

    Although the deadlift is possibly one of the most butt-friendly exercises you can do, for you to create a really eye-catching bubble butt, you need to hit your glutes from all angles. Include deadlifts into a lower-body routine that also includes exercises such as squats, Bulgarian split lunges, lateral step-ups, cable hip abductions and adductions, hamstring curls and sumo squats. Doing so will sculpt your booty from every angle possible.

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