How Dangerous Is a CIA Logistics Job?

CIA operational logistics officers can be assigned to remote locations like the Afghan desert.
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Central Intelligence Agency logistics officers are in charge of sourcing items that the agency or its field agents might need to perform their duties. As such, the job is not particularly dangerous although it can involve assignment to areas of the world that most people would consider dangerous due to rugged terrain, health hazards or hostile forces.

Two Tracks

    CIA logistics services officers oversee the CIA's construction projects, organize relocations from one office to another and solve supply chain issues. Candidates for this position often have a background in military, law enforcement or corporate logistics, purchasing or facilities. Because this position is based at the CIA offices, it is not likely to be any more dangerous than any other office job associated with the CIA. Operational logistics officers provide logistical support to CIA field agents, so they can be assigned to dangerous areas of the world. However, neither job is described by the CIA's website as a high-risk position.

Logistics in the Field

    CIA operational logistics officers solve any logistical problems that come up in the field. Because they have to be able to resolve or anticipate the needs of field agents in rapidly evolving circumstances, operational logistics officers are stationed in the same areas as the field agents they work with. The CIA website warns applicants interested in this position that they may be assigned to remote locations in dangerous areas with little or no advance warning.

The Book of Honor

    In the lobby of the Central Intelligence Agency's headquarters there is a Memorial Wall in honor of CIA agents who died while performing their duties. Most of those honored on the Memorial Wall are commemorated by a star with no names or details, but some have their names listed in the Book of Honor in front of the Wall. According to the CIA, some of these agents served in support roles. While the CIA does not provide any information about the names in the Book of Honor on its website, one of them is known to have been a logistics officer. "The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives" by investigative reporter Ted Gup identifies one of the agents in the Book of Honor as logistics officer Ray Rayner who died in West Africa in 1974 because of a medical emergency.

Choosing a Career Track

    Because most of the stars on the CIA's Memorial Wall remain anonymous for national security reasons, it is impossible to know if any of them other than Ray Rayner were logistics officers. However, since the CIA website does not describe either logistics position as being especially dangerous, it is likely that most logistics officers are not exposed to particularly dangerous situations such as those faced by field agents. If you are interested in working for the CIA as a logistics officer, the logistics services role is probably the safer of the two because it does not involve assignment to remote locations.

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