Dance Moves to Help You Lose Belly Fat

Have fun blasting belly fat by dancing your way slim.
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There’s no reason you should hate working off stubborn belly fat -- at least, not when dancing is involved. Not only is dancing a fun way to get an energizing cardio workout, it’s also an effective method for toning and shaping your abs. And because the combination of cardio and strength exercise -- when paired with a healthy diet -- is key to losing body fat, dancing can be your new go-to workout for both fun and fitness. By focusing on dance moves that work your abs, you can tone your tummy while shedding fat and having a blast in the process. No gym required!

Belly Dancing

    You’ve seen them before and admired their midsections, so why not try being a belly dancer yourself? According to "Fitness" magazine, belly dancing is an exotic and graceful way to work your entire core -- even the hard-to-target transverse abdominals. Try belly dancing for 10 minutes every day in order to tone and sculpt your abs. Incorporate moves such as the rib slide, hip circle, figure eight, camel and belly roll for total core-toning results.

Salsa Dancing

    There are plenty of reasons why salsa dancing is considered to be sexy, and one of them is that it helps women get a slim and trim tummy. According to "Shape" magazine, salsa dancing is a great cardio workout that can challenge new muscle groups and stimulate results. Not only does this sexy form of dancing incorporate hip movements that engage the abs, it also requires you to focus on stability and posture, which further works the core. Simply turn on your favorite Latin music and start moving!

Hip Hop Dancing

    The radio is full of up-tempo hip-hop music, so it’s easy to get in a funky workout while moving along with your favorite artists. According to a report from ABC News, getting a great ab workout with hip-hop music doesn’t require rhythm, just a willingness to move at the middle. In fact, specific exercise programs are available to help women of all dancing skill levels whittle their middles to a steady beat. Either invest in one of these helpful DVDs or just turn on your favorite hip-hop music and get moving, focusing on tightening the abs and crunching them in both forward and sideways movements.

Ballroom Dancing

    It’s not often associated with exercise, but ballroom dancing is quite a workout, according to a report by FOX News. During ballroom dancing, you work muscle groups that rarely see action, especially because you are moving backward so much of the time, which engages the back, abs and legs and requires them to take on new challenges. And if you’re really moving to a brisk foxtrot or quickstep, you’ll work the midsection with an elevated heart rate, which will greatly speed up the fat and calorie burn.

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