How to Convince Your Employer to Let You Work From Home

Reduce workplace stress by working from home from time to time.
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Between getting ready, commuting and getting settled at work, it's amazing you ever get anything accomplished. With barely enough time to get her own work done, your boss may not be willing to listen to proposals for telecommuting. As with every proposal you make, don't focus on how much better your life would be if you could work in your pajamas, show that working from home can help you get more accomplished, ease your supervisor's workload and improve results for the company.

Step 1

Initiate your proposal when your boss is in a good mood and has time to listen to what you're saying. If she's not paying attention or is under pressure, the answer will be no, regardless of how strong the merit of your case.

Step 2

Give your boss something to present to her boss. The decision to allow working from home likely cannot be made by her alone. An informal sheet containing a written article on the advantages of telecommuting is best. If you've prepared a formal presentation, you'll probably only be asked why you're making presentations instead of working. Having this on her desk will also remind her that you asked.

Step 3

Show concrete examples that working from home can help reduce stress and improve productivity in your workplace. Telecommuting has been a boon for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as well as other government agencies and corporations, according to The Washington Post. However, don't leave any wiggle room; show how it works well within your industry and office.

Other companies in the industry likely allow telecommuting. Show how this has worked by citing published studies or accounts from friends or your professional network.

Step 4

Calculate how much time you spend on your commute and how that time could be better spent doing work from home. Account for how you can continue to work with other life distractions around. Show that you have a record of success, productivity and upstanding character at work, and can be trusted at home.

Step 5

Appeal to your boss's love for the environment by showing the fuel and pollution savings of working from home one day a week. With many companies making large changes in green energy policies, couple your push for telecommuting along with other energy-saving initiatives.

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