How to Convince Your Boss That Employees Are Disgruntled

Deal with employee dissatisfaction before it becomes a major challenge to achieving results.
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In most businesses, the boss is kept insulated from many of employees' true feelings, and won't see the need to change potentially damaging policies. You usually can't take her to the window and show the employees burning her in effigy in the parking lot; your approach to presenting employee feedback will need to be more subtle. Show your boss objective evidence about effects of bad policies as well as their subjective effect on employee morale and motivation.

    Step 1

    Wait to have a sit-down discussion with your boss until she's both in a good mood and has the time to listen. If she's focused on something else or unwilling to listen to new problems, your effort will be wasted.

    Step 2

    Show your boss the effects that policy or employee dissatisfaction has on results. If you can show how productivity has decreased over the past few months, she will certainly be interested in the solution you present. For a boss in denial, you will usually need something concrete to show a problem.

    Step 3

    Explain how your and other employees feel about the policy. Let her take a walk in your shoes. She has her own job to do and may not have noticed that the new policies make life more difficult for employees or make them feel trapped or unappreciated.

    Step 4

    Focus on making things better for the team as well as your boss, not just yourself. Make it clear that you're after better results and not just about making your own life easier.

    Step 5

    Present a solution along with your problem. It will be bad for your own career if your boss sees you as someone who always comes to her with problems rather than solutions.


    • Bear in mind that your boss may also be dissatisfied with workplace policies but may not be able to do much about them. In this case, it may still be beneficial for employees to know that your boss is in the same boat.

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