How to Contribute More at the Workplace

Contributing more at work can make you feel good.
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Just getting by at work might keep you employed, but it won’t make you a top candidate for awards and promotions. Staying competitive often means giving more than your colleagues are willing to give. This may mean temporarily sacrificing your weekends to tackle extra assignments or to ensure a difficult project goes well. Contributing more at the workplace is a measurable way to show your dedication and strong work ethic. Employees who go above the call of duty are invaluable assets. It’s time to show that you’re worthy of that coveted designation.

    Step 1

    Use your work time wisely. Focus on doing what you’re paid to do, instead of what “everyone else is doing”. Eliminate counterproductive activities such as gossiping and personal Internet use from your workday. Giving your undivided attention at work can increase your productivity and help eliminate the need to take work home.

    Step 2

    Complete your assignments carefully. Pay attention to special instructions as well as standard procedures. Double-check all of your work for accuracy before submitting it. It won’t matter how much more you contribute at the workplace if you turn in error-riddled, rushed assignments.

    Step 3

    Gain experience working in different departments. Show off your versatility and teamwork by cross-training on duties in busy areas. Pitch in during down times in your official department. Actions such as making callbacks and filing records will make your peers appreciate you more. These actions will also show your commitment to workplace cohesion.

    Step 4

    Contribute to process improvement. Find ways to streamline procedures and increase productivity in your department. This may include redesigning time-consuming forms or reducing steps in inefficient procedures. Share ideas to make things flow better between departments. Remember that good ideas are beneficial to all areas, not only your official department.

    Step 5

    Show that you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty or apply critical thinking in the workplace. Let your team know that they can depend on you when the stakes are high. Volunteer for the “not me” assignments and complete them without complaining. Help out co-workers who fall behind in their duties.

    Step 6

    Volunteer for extra-curricular activities. Remember that contributing to corporate culture is also important. Serve on the birthday or new hire welcoming committee. Sign up for the company bowling league. Find ways to introduce fun and cohesion into your workplace. Introduce team-building activities such as trivia contests and outdoor obstacle courses into your workplace.

    Step 7

    Promote camaraderie in the workplace. Contributing more at the workplace doesn’t always involve completing more assignments. You can make a sizeable impact by affecting morale. Express the need for all workers to respect each other. Encourage your peers to stay strong when they face tough life situations. Small actions such as holding an elevator door open for a co-worker can have a huge influence on workplace cohesion and satisfaction.

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