Computer Science Resume Objectives

List technical skills in your objective statement.
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Careers in computer science are high-paying and necessary for the ever-increasing advancements in computer technology. Include an objective statement, just below your name and contact information on your resume, to specify what job you're applying for and why you're qualified. An effective objective statement might get your resume to the top of the applicant pile.

Job Title

Include the exact computer science job title in your objective statement so there's no question as to what position you're applying for. This is especially important if the company is hiring for more than one position -- you definitely want your resume to wind up in the right hands. If it's a government position, list the identification number along with the job title. You might also list the specific industry if it's relevant to the position such as -- business, medical, computer software, pharmaceutical, information technology or engineering. The objective statement sets the tone for your resume, so make sure it provides a general guideline for the rest of your content.

Technical Details

Since a computer science job is highly technical, list a couple of your strongest technical skills in your objective statement. For example, you might say, "Seeking a computer science position, using my expertise in computer alogrithms to test software programs." Or, "To work as a computer science technician, developing software systems for the pharmaceutical industry." Since an objective statement is only one or two lines long, use short, concise technical details to support your qualifications. An objective statement is no place for wordiness or long-winded descriptions.

Relevant Experience

According to Bellarmine University Career Center, your objective statement "might hint at relevent experiences in your past that uniquely qualify you for the position." Once again, the key is to keep your objective statement short and concise. Focusing on a specific role you had might escalate your qualifications above others in the applicant pool. For example, you might include supervisory experience, complex problem-solving responsibilities, computer engineering research or unique software developments in your objective statement. It's OK to "humbly brag" about previous roles at other companies.


Depending on your short- and long-term goals, you might want to mention job-specific details in your objective statement. However, if you feel that the information might negatively affect your candidacy, don't volunteer it. For example, if you're only interested in a temporary internship or part-time work, you might want to specify that in your objective statement. If you only want to work during the summer because you teach computer science during the school year, it's probably best to state that in your objective statement. You don't want to feel forced to sign an employment contract that doesn't fit your lifestyle or career goals.

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