How to Do Chin Ups With Elastic Bands

Perform assisted chin-ups to build your back and arm strength.
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Chin-ups are an effective way to build strength in your upper body and build lean muscle. You can perform a typical chin-up by grabbing a bar above your head with your palms facing outward and pulling yourself up until your chin passes over the bar. If you struggle with body weight chin-ups, you can use an elastic band to make the movement easier as you build strength.

Step 1

Purchase a band that meets your needs. Purchase a less resistant band if you are a beginner so that you can work your way up toward more resistant bands as you develop strength. Bands are color coded by their level of resistance. The darkest colors such as gray and black have the most resistance.

Step 2

Wrap the band over a chin-up bar and position it so 1/4 of the band hangs on one side and 3/4 hangs on the other.

Step 3

Grab the long end and loop it through the short end. Pull it firmly in place.

Step 4

Pull the band down and step one foot into it. The band will stretch and support your weight.

Step 5

Perform a chin-up by using your back and arm muscles to bring your chin over the bar. The band helps by taking some of your body weight out of the movement, which in turn allows you to perform multiple reps.

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