Certified Professional Resume Writer Certification

A CPRW credential can boost your credibility as a resume writer.
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If you're looking to work from home and have a gift for writing and an interest in industries and careers, you might consider a career as a resume writer. Although no one prescribed educational path exists for becoming a resume writer, earning one or more of the several resume writing credentials available will develop your skills and give you credibility with clients. The certified professional resume writer credential is one of the most appropriate credentials for people just entering the field.

Sponsoring Organization

    The Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches is comprised of resume writers and other career development professionals organized around sharing knowledge, developing professional skills and bringing visibility to professionals working in the field. The association runs three credentialing programs in which members can develop and demonstrate their acumen in resume writing, career coaching and job interview coaching. After successfully passing a multifaceted exam, resume writers earn the credential of certified professional resume writer.

Registration and Preparation

    To register for the CPRW exam, you must first become a member of PARW/CC. Fill out a brief application form and pay the membership dues. Once you're a member, you can apply for the exam by completing another application form and paying the exam fee. After receiving your exam registration, PARW/CC will send you a study guide to help you prepare for the exam. You'll have up to one year from registration to complete all four parts of the exam.

Certification Process

    When you're ready to take the CPRW exam, administrators will send you the complete exam via email. The exam consists of four different parts. The first part tests your general industry knowledge, while the second part measures your proficiency with English grammar, punctuation, spelling and proofreading. Part three tests your problem-solving and strategic thinking abilities for some of the more common challenges in resume writing. You must complete and return these three modules within two hours of receiving them.

    The fourth and final part of the exam requires you to write a sample resume and cover letter for a hypothetical client. For this section, you have up to three days to submit your work to the test administrators.


    If you successfully pass the exam, you'll earn the credential CPRW, which you can use after your name in your marketing materials and resume. You'll also receive a CPRW certificate for office display as well as the right to use the CPRW logo on your promotional items and website. Finally, you'll receive recognition of your accomplishment in the PARW/CC newsletter.

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