How to Take the Certified Nursing Assistant Quiz Online

Available resources can put you one step closer to a CNA career.
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Before working as a certified nursing assistant, you must first take and pass the CNA exam. This exam is a two-part written and clinical skills test, assessing your knowledge and hands-on abilities as a CNA. There are plenty of resources available to help you prepare for the CNA exam, including online quizzes. A quiz is an informal practice test that includes sample questions from the actual exam. If you do well on the quiz, there is a good chance you will also do well on the actual exam.

Step 1

Study the course materials from your CNA training program before attempting to take the quiz online. Specific topics to review include nursing assistant roles and responsibilities, safety precautions, promoting resident function, resident health and specialized care.

Step 2

Visit one of the many websites offering the CNA quiz. Depending upon the site, you may have to pay a fee to take the online practice exam. A few sites that offer the quiz for free include Prometric, Pearson VUE, CNA Tutor and Med Preps.

Step 3

Put away your notes and course materials when taking the quiz. By doing so, you simulate the real testing environment and get a more realistic view of subjects you need to work on.

Step 4

Review your answers after finishing the quiz. Most of the sites provide an answer key, showing you the correct answer for each question.

Step 5

Write down the questions you got wrong. Use index or flash cards to do this. On one side of the index card, write the question. Write the correct answer on the opposite side of the card. Use the flash cards to continue studying for the exam. Don't focus on the quiz questions you got right. Obviously, you already know the answers to those questions. Focus your energy on the questions you got wrong and the index cards.

Step 6

Take the online quiz again when you feel you have mastered the index card questions. The goal is to continue taking the quiz until you get 100 percent of the questions right. Unfortunately, there is no way to take the clinical skills quiz online, as this is a hands-on test. Prepare yourself for the clinical test by practicing skills such as proper handwashing techniques, taking vital signs, making the patient's bed, giving bed baths, patient grooming and patient restraints.

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