Certified Laser Technician Training

Certified laser technicians work in spas, salons and health centers.
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People, especially women, will go through all sorts of health and beauty treatments to achieve their ultimate look, including laser treatments to remove hair. Laser technicians use state-of-the-art technology to remove unwanted hair from arms, legs, faces and other parts of the body. Laser technicians must undergo specialized training to prepare for a career in the field. Most training programs confer certification on students after completion, making them certified laser technicians.

Where to Go

    If you’re interested in becoming a certified laser technician, you can choose from a number of different training providers. Schools and training centers are located throughout the country. Training options include specialty schools that concentrate on laser training, such as the National Laser Institute, with locations in 12 U.S. cities. Some programs take place online, allowing you to study and train from the comfort of home. The Laser Training Institute, for example, lets students complete the book training from home and then take the hands-on training at its Colorado location. Other sources of training programs include industry associations like the National Association of Laser and Aesthetics Institute and trade colleges like the Thrive Skin Institute.

What You’ll Learn

    The exact curriculum for certified laser technician training varies from provider to provider but includes general topics, such as anatomy of hair and skin, complications, laser maintenance, laser and intense pulse light basics, laser hair removal and comprehensive laser training. You’ll also cover specific topics, such as tattoo removal, chemical peels and skin rejuvenation. Some providers offer training courses for advanced topics, such as medical aesthetics and injectables such as Botox and dermal fillers. Through training, you’ll also learn how to how to gain and keep clients and market yourself.

How You’ll Learn

    Most certified laser technician training programs take place in a traditional classroom setting. Nearly all also include some type of hands-on training so the techs can practice their new skills in a monitored environment before working on their own. Several schools have in-house spas where students can gain practice in a real-world setting on real-life patients. You’ll get to use actual laser removal equipment in the training, with some schools providing a variety of different brands so students get a feel for the different types of laser removal equipment.

What’s Involved

    The length of the program varies depending on the provider. Most programs take less than a month to complete, with most taking only two weeks. Typically, the only prerequisites you’ll have to meet to join the training program include being at least 18 years old and having a high school diploma. Along with training, some programs also provide job placement or help with job searches for graduates. The cost also varies from provider to provider, with several schools and training programs offering scholarships or tuition loan help. The National Association of Laser and Aesthetics Institute's course costs $7,000, not including hotel and travel to get to the school, but it offers student loans for both tuition and travel expenses. Most schools do not include books, registration or any travel fees in tuition costs, which add to your expenses. The Laser Training Institute is at the lower end of the tuition spectrum, charging $1,500 for the basic laser removal course, while the Thrive Skin Institute is $2,700 for its three- or five-day laser training.

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