Careers for Type B Personalities

Type B workers are effective public speakers.
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High-energy, sociable and fun-loving are adjectives that often describe someone with a "Type B" personality. Researchers in the 1950s coined the terms The Type A and Type B personalities were originally coined in the 1950s by researchers trying to uncover the role that stress played on heart attacks. People with a Type B personalities are supposedly less aggressive and less assertive, making them less likely to experience a heart attack. Since workers with Type B personalities aren't considered highly competitive, they tend to get along well with others in the workplace. They may be viewed as slackers by their Type A co-workers, but Type B employees often sustain healthy careers.


    Workers with a Type B personality are often good at sales, not because they're highly aggressive or overly assertive, but because they have the energy to make tons of sales calls and sales visits. They are also comfortable around people and thrive in a social environment, so interactions with potential customers are not intimidating -- they're fun. Since Type B workers are usually relaxed and friendly, clients and customers often find them approachable and likable. They may not have the competitive edge to close every deal, but they're effective in most sales departments.

Marketing and Advertising

    Jobs in advertising and marketing often suit the Type B personality's active and attention-seeking mindset. Promotions, public engagements, press releases and new product advertisements are like an energy rush for a Type B worker. She enjoys being the center of attention, especially if she's promoting a product or a service that she wholeheartedly endorses.

Radio and TV

    Since Type B workers aren't inhibited and enjoy public attention, they often make effective radio and TV personalities. It'a win-win situation -- they like entertaining and people enjoy watching or listening to them. Radio and TV personalities such as program hosts, news reporters and sports broadcasters use their energetic personalities to captivate their audience. They might even be a little dramatic and demonstrative, making them even more memorable as public figures.

Public Office

    People with a Type B personality often pursue careers in public service. Even though workers with a Type B personality are often viewed as under-achievers when compared to their Type A counterparts, the often choose careers that make them feel satisfied and fulfilled. According to a CNN Money report, those with Type B personalities are just as happy and often outlive those with Type A personalities. Since happiness and enjoyment are important to Type B workers, they often sacrifice higher paychecks for more satisfying careers. Type B workers often do well in careers as public servants because they enjoy building relationships with constituents. However, Type B workers really want to be liked, so public office can be a damaging experience if they lose popularity or receive too much criticism.

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