Careers for Teachers Other Than Teaching

Teachers often work in childcare facilities or early learning care centers.
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There are many teacher training and certification programs available, but there are also periods of time and areas of the country where there aren’t many teaching jobs, and frankly, not everyone wants to pursue their original training. If you are a teacher, but you need to fill your plate with other career options, there is good news. Teachers have a long list of transferable skills that can serve a variety of job positions and industries, including entrepreneurial opportunities.


Childcare may be an obvious option for teachers, but there is a lot more to the childcare industry than just opening a daycare. While you can certainly open your own daycare center, you can also serve as the director or educational guide of an existing childcare facility. Depending on your education, opening a childcare/preschool facility or homeschooling facility is also a viable option.


Plenty of teachers have made a living professionally tutoring, and tutors serve pupils from preschool through college level. You can teach general education, like helping older students acquire a GED, or tutor in specific subject areas such as science, math, English, literature and even astronomy. Teachers also have the option to fill their career gaps with adult education tutoring or advanced tutoring for things like the LSAT, SAT and ACT.


Plenty of teachers have made a career out of writing professionally. Freelance writing opportunities abound for teachers in and out of the educational sector. Many teachers specialize in educational tutorials and technical guides, but many others cover a wide variety of professional articles, content and blogs on nearly endless topics.


Teachers are trained in proper English language usage as well as effective communication, which makes them great for administrative positions such as secretarial work, transcription, research, data collection, record management and project management.


A teacher may not be able to teach, but consulting jobs in the educational industry are available for educators. These jobs consist of creating curricula, helping tutoring companies, and even consulting on programs offered for childcare, early learning and adult education programs. Teachers can also consult on educational products, applications and learning materials that are marketed to specific grades or topics.

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