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Plenty of careers give you the chance to see the world.
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If you love to travel, you'll be excited to know that many careers are available where that is not only a requirement but also commonplace. These jobs are not only potentially rewarding professionally, but also they allow you to see parts of the country and world you might not have otherwise had the chance to discover. If you're seeking a job like that or are in a place where you're tired of looking at the same four office walls, get out there and find a position where your love for being on the go is fulfilled.


Maybe the most obvious choice for those that like to travel, the military will send you to multiple locations around the country -- and probably to a foreign nation. No matter the branch, you'll find yourself on the move immediately after enlistment or commissioning for training. Afterward, expect to move to a base in another state, a country in Europe or maybe Africa. If you join the Navy, you'll patrol the world's oceans, seeing things you only found on a map or flew over in the past. Each position gives you ample time to explore the region around you during periods of leave, letting you absorb the local culture and truly feel that your job is an adventure.


Unless you're tethered to a retail store, many sales jobs by necessity promote and encourage travel. You'll visit clients and vendors in other states, determining their needs and what you can do for them. As you gain more seniority and position of influence within your company, you'll be sent overseas to visit manufacturers and global customers. Even hopping on a plane to go to various trade shows is often necessary, staying on top of the newest products and exciting new companies popping up in your industry.

Airline Industry

Whether as a pilot or flight attendant, you'll find yourself all over the planet if you choose to work in the airline industry. Although much of what you'll see involves other airports, occasional stopovers give you anywhere from a couple hours to a few days to explore your destination. These jobs offer lots of spontaneity, and you get to interact with people from all over. Just remember you can't get motion sick easily or be afraid of heights!

Cruise Ship Associate

Working on a cruise ship is like working on a floating hotel. You'll be busy attending to guest's needs full-time, but when you get to a destination, many times you can disembark for a while to absorb the sights. Cruise ships take pre-planned trips around Alaska, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean Ocean and many other places. Because of this, you might become familiar with these destinations, affording you a home away from home if you go there enough. Like working on an airline, you'll meet all kinds of people, with every day offering something different.

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