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Extroversion fosters leadership, according to some experts.
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The Meyers-Briggs test defines personality types, based on the work of psychologist Carl Jung. Individuals take the test to learn whether they are extroverts or introverts, for example, or whether they process information by "perceiving" or by "judging." An ENTJ is an extroverted, intuitive, thinking, judging type. According to the test, these individuals have a natural talent for planning, and a tendency to gravitate toward leadership positions.

ENTJ's Strengths

    ENTJ's are natural leaders and visionaries, which leads to success in the corporate world. This personality type constantly scans the environment for problems, and is creative in devising solutions. ENTJ's are often verbally agile and skilled at debate; they are especially impressed with skilled conversationalists. ENTJ's are career-oriented, and tireless in pursuit of their vocational goals. These personalities are not afraid of responsibility, and are happiest when taking the lead.

ENTJ's Weaknesses

    ENTJ's are not known for their sensitivity, or natural empathy towards others. An ENTJ would not be suited to a career in human resources, social services, or counselling, for example. The ENTJ has no interest in small talk, particularly when in the midst of solving a difficult problem. Although they are extroverts, a career requiring a lot of "schmoozing" wouldn't suit the ENTJ. People with this personality type are decisive, but sometimes make decisions too quickly, jumping to conclusions, or not soliciting input from others.

Best Environments

    ENTJ's like a structured workplace, which is why a conventional corporate setting can be ideal for them. These employees need the opportunity to work on an assortment of projects throughout the day, and also to come into contact with a wide variety of people. ENTJ's want their contributions to be appreciated, and to participate in a fair and equitable compensation system. ENTJ's enjoy competition.

Possible Career Paths

    A wide array of career paths are open to the ENTJ, depending on individual strengths, talents, and interests. Although they can have success in the corporate world, they aren't limited to this arena. Some other possibilities include: actor, marketing manager, economist, lawyer, city manager, detective, dentist, advertising executive, photographer, architect, and school principal. The key is to find a job that offers structure and the chance to exercise leadership skills, devise long-range plans and solve problems.

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