Careers for Applied Science Degrees

A veterinary technology career may be a good choice for animal lovers.
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An applied science degree is used for professions in fields ranging from respiratory care to recreation management. An associate of applied science (AAS) degree can allow you to get a job after two years of study. To enter the workforce with a higher-paying, higher-ranking job, consider a bachelor of applied science (BAS), which requires four years of study. There's generally only a limited number of general or liberal arts classes in an AAS or BAS curriculum, so advises people to choose their specialization early on.

Veterinary Technology

    If your want to work with animals, consider a degree of applied science in veterinary technology. An associate's degree can pave the way for a job as a veterinary technician in a hospital, at a zoo, or with a pharmaceutical or pet food company. With a bachelor's degree, an individual can get a job in veterinary administration and management, teaching, or working in a specialty animal hospital.

Human and Social Services

    A degree in applied science in human and social services provides numerous career opportunities assisting the public. If you want to work with people who have problems, you can become an addiction counselor, a crisis counselor or a mental health worker. You can serve the elderly as a gerontology worker or focus on the welfare of children as a youth services worker. If you prefer a faith-based career, specializing in human and social services can also allow you to become a clergy counselor.

Digital Media

    With an applied science degree in digital media, you can pursue a technology-oriented career, such as graphic design, desktop publishing or game development. These are fields where you can look for jobs with a company or start a freelance career. You could also work for a software company or at a television station as a multimedia production specialist. This job involves creating items such as CD-ROMs, slide shows and multimedia events. According to Education Portal, a degree in digital media can even lead to a profession in the health care industry developing media for surgical training.

Theatre Technology

    If you are looking for a job in arts or entertainment, an applied science in theater technology degree may suit you. It's a field that can prepare you to use theatre for community outreach, education and even business. You could also use the degree to pursue a career in entertainment as an assistant designer, as part of a theatrical touring crew, or to work with the behind-the-scenes production crews at concerts, theme parks, or on cruise ships.

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