Career Qualifications of a Wedding Planner

Wedding planners use negotiating skills in order to work with vendors.
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If you're the person everyone turns to for hosting a party, and just thinking about tulle, lace and pearls conjures up images of a dream wedding, then you might be perfect as a wedding planner. Weddings are big business -- you only need to turn on reality television to see that weddings are quickly becoming big revenue generators. Brides are no longer content with simple affairs. Lavish gatherings and destination weddings are quickly becoming the norm. If you fantasize about weddings then you can turn your dreams into a dream career as a wedding planner.

Party Planning Experience

Opportunities for experience aren't too hard to find, and you probably already have enough to fill a resume. All those kids' parties in your neighborhood and last year's office Christmas party might just give you all the party planning skills needed to be a wedding planner. Party planning incorporates some of the same skills that are needed in wedding planning. A party planner send invites, manages guest lists, schedules entertainment and creates menus. These same components are a part of wedding planning so the transition from party planning to wedding planning is a natural one. A party planner also builds relationships with vendors, caterers and others in order to plan events and tame wayward brides. You can take your experience hosting the neighborhood summer soiree and turn it into a profitable venture.

A Hospitality Background

Those summers spent waitressing at the local hotel restaurant just may pay off for you. Having experience working in the field of hospitality can equal success as a wedding planner. Hospitality employees such as those who work in hotels, resorts or restaurants gain experience working with vendors and providing an enjoyable guest experience. Knowing how to grease the wheels and navigate your way through the hospitality maze is a helpful tool for your wedding planner kit. In many cases you will be working with a hotel or resort so speaking the language of the hospitality industry will endear you to the staff and make your job so much easier.

Juggling Skills

No you don’t need circus experience, although that may help. Wedding planners need to juggle several responsibilities in order to create the perfect wedding. They must deal with caterers, photographers, resort staff and flower vendors. The planner also represents the engaged couple and is tasked with controlling costs and managing the vendors. Good negotiating skills can help get the best rates and avoid embarrasing mixups, like having a flower banner proclaiming "Rest in Peace", positioned on the alter. Planners also need to negotiate with the couple because there are times when the couple’s expectations may become the stuff of reality television fodder. A good wedding planner can use her skills to avoid total bride meltdown.

Other Qualifications

Wedding planners need management skills due to the fact that they have to manage time, people and services in order to pull off the perfect wedding. They also need to be good listeners. Wedding planners often have to deal with bridezillas, so incorporating patience and being able to deal with different personalities are important skills for a planner. A good wedding planner listens intently in order to create the couple’s dream wedding. However if the couple wants something that Da Vinci himself couldn’t create, then the planner has to rely on her outstanding communication skills in order to persuade them to accept more reasonable options.

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