Career Asessment Tests

Navigating a career path can be less confusing with the help of a career test.
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Taking a career assessment test can help determine the ideal job fit for you whether you're someone who’s just testing the job market or have been in the workforce for several years and are contemplating a career change. Tests analyze strengths and interests or personality types to pinpoint areas of focus which might be suitable for you.

The Benefits

Because so much of your time is spent at a job and because work satisfaction can affect personal happiness, taking a career assessment test to determine the variety of fields which best fit for you can be a good idea. A career assessment test can help determine which career someone can thrive in. It can save years of going down the wrong path in a job that’s not a good match. It can also uncover hidden interests and career paths that might not have otherwise been considered.

Personality Tests

Some tests focus on personalities to determine careers that might be best suited for that particular person. Some factors that might be examined include level of introversion or extroversion and reactions to particular types of situations. The Myers-Briggs test is one such personality test that also examines the career strengths and challenges for a particular personality type. Certain personality types tend to perform better in certain career fields and taking a personality test is one way to find out an ideal career match.

Interest Assessments

Other tests take a different approach and measure interests to determine ideal career paths. By measuring the level of interest in particular subjects, activities and occupations, there can be a number of careers which the results show to be ideal. Two career assessment tests which measure interests are the Strong Interest Inventory Test and the Campbell Interest and Survey Test. Both tests take about 35 minutes to complete. The Strong Interest Inventory Test provides a list of career matches based on responses. The Campbell Interest and Survey Test also suggests a list of occupations, matching the pattern of responses against individual responses from 58 different occupations.

Applying the Tests

Regardless of the assessment test outcome, it’s up to you to determine your career path. Career assessment tests are merely a guide. For some, taking a career assessment test may be an affirmation of a direction they’re already headed in. For others, the test may signal the need for a career change. There are several considerations to take, based on the results, including whether it’s possible to revitalize a current job, make an internal move within a company to another role, move to another industry with a similar job or change careers completely.

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