The Cardio X Workout Vs Running

Running is the go-to cardiovascular exercise for many people.
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Cardiovascular exercise is an important component to maintaining good health. Not only does it burn calories and shed fat, but it also strengthens your heart and can help reduce circulatory problems such as high blood pressure and stroke. Running is the go-to choice for many people when it comes to cardio exercise, but the Cardio X workout provided within the P90X system is another way to torch calories and blast fat.

About Cardio X

    Cardio X is a 40-minute workout made up of martial arts, yoga, plyometrics and core moves. While it qualifies as a cardiovascular routine because of how fast the pace is, Cardio X also includes resistance training through the yoga movements and core exercises. The pace of each movement keeps your heart rate up and the calories burning.


    A quick way to burn off calories, running helps improve overall cardiovascular fitness and health. Running just 75 minutes a week is all it takes to reach the health guidelines for aerobic activity. This 75 minutes can be easily broken up throughout the week into smaller workouts, making it an achievable goal.

Equipment Needed

    Supportive running shoes, loose exercise clothing that allows movement, and a road, treadmill or track are all you need to begin running. The Cardio X workout requires a yoga or exercise mat and yoga blocks. While neither workout requires major equipment, the Cardio X DVD is part of an entire workout system and can only be bought as a package.

Which One Is Right for You?

    Both running and Cardio X are beneficial cardiovascular workouts, but determining which one is best for you really comes down to what your goals are. Cardio X is a combination of cardiovascular exercises and body-weight exercises, making it ideal for those looking to burn significant calories while toning their entire body. Depending on the intensity you put into your workout, the P90X Fitness Guide claims the Cardio X workout burns an average of 450 calories. While running does burn major calories, approximately 100 calories a mile for a 140-pound woman, it will only give you toned and shapely legs and you'll need to supplement it with other strength-training exercise to get a complete workout. However, if you are looking to run a 5K or marathon some day, then running is the best cardiovascular exercise for you.

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