When Do You Do Cardio X in P90X?

The P90X series is hosted by Tony Horton.
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Cardio X is one of 11 workout videos that make up the P90X series. The video is meant to be used on certain days in conjunction with the others in the series -- not just whenever you feel like it. Choose a P90X schedule and do Cardio X on the specific days that it calls for to maximize your results.

Classic Schedule

    The P90X "classic" schedule is the basic schedule used in the program. The routine includes an even mixture of cardio workouts and resistance training as well as a weekly stretching workout. This basic schedule doesn't include any Cardio X workouts, however. So if you choose to follow the classic schedule, you can just leave this routine out of your workout altogether.

Lean Schedule

    The lean schedule is designed for people who want more cardio and less resistance training in their workout schedule. That's where Cardio X comes into play. Cardio X takes the place of one weekly resistance workout. In weeks one to three, five to seven, and nine to 12 you'll do Cardio X on the second day of the week. In each of the other 13 weeks you'll do Cardio X on the fifth day of the week.

Doubles Schedule

    The P90X doubles schedule is the most intense schedule. It is the same as the classic schedule but it adds extra cardio routines on top of your workouts, so some days you'll be doing an extra workout. Following this schedule you won't do Cardio X until week five. In weeks five to seven you'll do Cardio X on the first, third and fifth days of the week. You won't do it again until weeks nine to 12 when you will do it on the first, second, fourth and fifth day of the week. You won't do Cardio X during the 13th and final week of the program.

Substituting Workouts

    Cardio X is an easier routine than the others in the program so it can be used to give your body a break. According to the "P90X Fitness Guide" Cardio X can be used as a substitute for other more difficult workouts if you're feeling fatigued. During the Plyometrics video Tony Horton, the host of P90X, suggests using Cardio X instead if you're not ready for a high-intensity workout.

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