Can You Trim Your Waist While Sitting?

Keeping your feet moving as you sit burns extra calories.
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Losing fat around your waist and in other parts of your body is the result of creating a calorie deficit. Putting your body in a calorie deficit occurs upon burning more calories than you consume. Although vigorous exercise is an effective way to create this deficit, you can boost the calories you burn throughout the day even when you're sitting down. Whether you're seated at your desk during the workday or relaxing on the couch in the evening, several types of exercise can help you work toward your goal of slimming your waist.

Exercise Machines

    Exercise machines are an effective way to help you burn calories to achieve a calorie deficit. Although you can't fit a treadmill or stationary bike under your desk or in front of the sofa, some small exercise machines are conducive to sitting. Consider a pedal exerciser or stepping machine; each machine has portable varieties that you can comfortably use while seated. Over the course of a workday, using this type of machine can burn several hundred calories.

Keep Moving

    Being fidgety might not be appropriate during a meeting at work, but when you're able to move your body as much as possible as you sit, you'll increase the rate at which you burn calories. notes when you keep moving, you can significantly boost the number of calories you burn by the end of the day. Consider such activities as tapping your feet and swinging your legs back and forth. At work, write messages such as "Keep Moving" on notes and place them within sight to remember to be active.

Simple Exercises

    A long list of subtle and not-so-subtle exercises can help you burn calories as you sit. With light hand weights, you can perform curls and flyes while seated. If you have a resistance band, simple stretches of your lower body can be discreet and not only feel pleasant, but also burn calories. Without exercise equipment, use your chair to perform chair dips by holding the edges of the seat and lowering and raising your body.

Set Realistic Goals

    Keeping your feet moving or performing a few strength-training exercises while seated are healthy, but by themselves, won't significantly help you lose weight. To lose a pound, you must create a calorie deficit of 3,500 calories, which is difficult to do without vigorous aerobic exercise. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, for example, recommends getting 300 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise each week to help you lose weight. If you're already somewhat active, however, and supplement your workout regimen with exercise while seated, you improve your chance of losing fat around your waist.

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