Can You Get a Pharmacy Tech License If You Got a DUI?

A DUI causes employers to doubt your ability to perform your job effectively.
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Pharmacy technicians work under the supervision of a pharmacist, performing various tasks, including preparing medication for patients. The nature of the job makes it necessary for the technician to be of good moral character and make responsible decisions. A DUI could make you ineligible for a license, depending on several factors. Because regulations vary, obtain specific details from your state's board of pharmacy.

Requirements for Eligibility

    The board of pharmacists in each state maintains a list of requirements that applicants must satisfy to be eligible for a pharmacy technician license. In most states, applicants must not have been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor. According to the legal website, a DUI is a misdemeanor if it's a first-time offence and no harm to anyone. Depending on your state, it could become a felony if it's a second DUI or someone's been injured. In addition, applicants must be at least 18, be of good moral character and must have completed a training course.

Education and Training

    In most states, you must have completed high school or have a GED to apply for a pharmacy technician license. Some states require applicants to complete a formal pharmacy technician course, and some provide applicants the option of training on the job under a pharmacist. In both types of training, candidates learn about medicines and how to prepare them; customer service; sales and other duties associated with the position. If your state requires formal training, you must complete it successfully to be eligible to take an exam.

Application for Examination

    If your state requires a license, you'll have to sit for an examination. Your state decides the type of exam you'll take. Many contract with the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board or the National Healthcareer Association. You can submit an application to your state's regulating agency -- in most cases, the board of pharmacy. The application will include questions on prior convictions. Answer honestly and provide information about the DUI. The board or exam administrator will conduct a background check and will disqualify you if it appears that you deliberately left this out. You'll receive notice of the exam date when the office approves your certification.

Pharmacy Technician License

    You'll receive a license when you successfully pass the licensing examination. To keep it valid, you must renew this license regularly at the time the licensing organization specifies. A pharmacy technician license is typically valid for two years.


    Contact the board of pharmacy in your state or the exam administrator to discuss your DUI. Do so before you begin the application process. The office might examine such issues on an individual basis and make a decision based on factors in your case. For instance, the National Healthcareer Association provides a different certification for individuals convicted of a nondrug related felony if it occurred more than seven years ago. Your records must show that you have been a model citizen since the DUI.

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