Can Exercising Pectorals Enhance the Breasts?

A standard pushup will strengthen the pectorals and help to support your breasts.
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The breast is an organ consisting primarily of fat and glandular tissue. Because it lacks muscle tissue, no amount of exercise can increase the size of your breasts or change their shape. Only breast-enhancement surgery can augment the actual size of your breast. Exercising your pectoral muscles, the fan-shaped muscles on both sides of your chest, can help to lift your breasts and make them appear larger.

The Illusion of Size

    Gravity, pregnancy and the natural aging process often lead to sagging breasts. When breasts droop, they appear smaller. Women over age 20 tend to gain 1 to 2 kilograms of fat and shed 500 grams of muscle per year, according to Mark Vella’s “Anatomy and Strength Training for Women.” If the muscle supporting your breasts is also flabby, then the problem of sagging is compounded. Undertake a resistance-training program to build your pectoral muscle and tone your upper body. For example, incorporate five to 10 pushups into your regular workout routine. If you’re unable to lift your own body weight in a standard pushup, begin with your lower body on bent knees instead of the balls of your feet.

Pectoral Exercises

    You can do pectoral exercises anywhere during breaks from work or chores. Place your palms together in a praying position. Hold this position at chest-level. Press your palms against each other and feel your pectorals tighten. Hold the position for four seconds and then release. Repeat the palm press 10 times. Do two more sets of 10 presses. Use an exercise band to do resistance drills for your pectorals. Grab the band at chest-level with your fists. Stretch the band as far as possible. Hold the end of the stretch for four seconds and then slowly release. Repeat this exercise 10 times. Do two additional sets of 10 stretches.


    Delicate bands called Cooper’s ligaments connect your breasts to your chest. These ligaments are nature’s version of a built-in bra. Similar to rubber bands, these ligaments wear out if you keep using or taxing them. Regular bouncing movements will stretch these ligaments, which can lead to prematurely sagging breasts. Exercise can’t reverse the damage once the sagging has occurred. To prevent any further stretching of these ligaments, buy a form-fitting and well-constructed bra.


    Proper upright posture will enhance the appearance of your breasts. Rounded shoulders tend to flatten your breasts. Balance your pectoral exercises with exercises that strengthen your mid-back and upper back. Doing a few sets on a rowing machine will strengthen postural muscles. A strong back will help you to open your chest, lift your breasts and relax your shoulders.

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