How to Get a CAD Internship?

CAD internships are available in a variety of engineering fields.
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Finding an internship can be a difficult and competitive process. Like you, most of your student peers are probably looking for internship experience, so you’ll want to improve your chances and make yourself more marketable. When seeking a CAD internship, it’s best to apply if you have experience, which can be simple to obtain at your school. If you’re able to get an internship position, you’ll also have a good chance at getting a full-time job with the company. According to a 2012 study by, 69 percent of companies with 100 or more employees actually offered a full-time job to their interns [2].

Searching for Positions

    Step 1

    Check with your academic adviser to see what internship opportunities are available. Many companies post internship positions through the school so your adviser will probably have a list and will have some recommendations about the application process. Many engineering programs have formal internship programs that are sponsored through the school. Companies specializing in mechanical engineering often assign interns CAD work. Although mechanical engineering is not the only area that needs CAD interns, the mechanical engineering department is probably your best opportunity to find positions.

    Step 2

    If you happen to have a family member or friend who works in the engineering field, then you may have an advantage over your peers. Having a personal recommendation from someone will improve your chances of landing an interview and will give you the opportunity to apply for positions that might not be advertised to the public. In fact, Forbes Magazine reported that networking is still the best way to find to find a job [1]. Luckily, most engineering and manufacturing companies need CAD positions to support their business. So, regardless of your major in school, you might have the ability to work for a variety of different companies.

    Step 3

    Some companies may have CAD positions posted online. Although they may not be specifically seeking an intern for the position, it doesn’t hurt to contact the company and see if they’d be willing to accept your application. Many CAD positions are either contract or part-time so hiring an intern for the role could be a good fit as long as they aren’t looking for someone with years of experience. You should also check the online postings at your school. Not all companies list their positions directly with the engineering office. Some companies may opt for a simple listing on the university’s general job positing website, so be sure to check both places.

    Things You'll Need

    • Before you start searching for a CAD internship, make sure you have the right technical skills for the position. Having CAD experience is going to be a huge plus when applying for an internship. There will probably be many applicants going for the same position, so having experience under your belt will be beneficial. Luckily, getting CAD experience is fairly simple, especially if you are an engineering student at a university. Your school should have a computer lab with at least one type of CAD program. You might be able to take a class to learn CAD or you can simply teach yourself by working through built-in training and tutorial programs. SolidWorks is one of many CAD programs that provide free online tutorials [3]. When a company is hiring an intern for CAD work, they are looking for applicants who have some type of experience, regardless of which software package you learned.

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