Cable Leg Lunges

Cable lunges can get your legs and tush ready for beach wear.
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If you're on a mission to eliminate your jiggly thighs and flabby tush, a sensible diet, regular cardio and strength training are keys to your success. This might sound tiring and tasking, but if you work multiple muscles simultaneously, your workout doesn't have to take long. Cable lunges, for instance, help firm and shape your lower half while challenging your core to stabilize your body. Unlike dumbbells, the weight of the low-pulley station can't fall on your toes, making this exercise safe and effective, as long as it's done with perfect form.

    Step 1

    Adjust the peg in the weight stack of the low-pulley station to the desired resistance, and attach a stirrup handle to the cable. If you're new to this exercise, use minimal weight so you can focus on learning good form. Once you are comfortable with the move, gradually increase the resistance, using enough weight so the last lunge of each set is challenging to complete.

    Step 2

    Turn your back to the low-pulley station while holding the handle in your left hand and walk forward so your left arm extends back on the diagonal and the selected weight hovers about 2 inches above the stack. This is your starting point.

    Step 3

    Stand in a confident, proud stance with your feet parallel and hip-width apart, your abdominals tight and your shoulders pulled back and down.

    Step 4

    Step about 2 feet forward with your right foot, landing heel-first while coming up on the toes of your left foot. Bend both your knees and lower your hips straight down until your right thigh is parallel to the floor and your left knee hovers 2 inches above the floor. Avoid pushing your hips forward so your lower, front leg remains in a vertical position. The selected weight will move up as you come forward.

    Step 5

    Push your right foot into the floor, extend your knees and return to the starting point. The selected weight will move down as you step back. Repeat the exercise eight to 12 times before switching legs, and work your way up to completing three sets.


    • For variety, face the low-pulley station and step one foot about 2 feet backward to do a reverse lunge, which emphasizes the butt cheek of the front leg as you come out of the lunge. In its ending stance, the reverse lunge looks similar to the forward lunge.


    • Consult a doctor before beginning a new exercise routine, especially if you have an injury or health condition.

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