Cabin Stewardess Job Description

Cabin cleanliness is the key goal for cabin stewardesses.
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Working as a cabin stewardess has a whole lot in common with working has a hotel maid, expect you're a bit more prone to suntans and seasickness. This job puts you on a cruise ship, where you'll tend to general housekeeping and customer service duties. It's an entry-level job that offers you the opportunity to travel the seas. If your significant other also works for a cruise ship, it's a good way to see some of the world before you settle down. Though the base pay may not be extraordinary, you have a chance to earn tips from free-spending people on vacation.

Basic Duties

    Cabin stewardesses are responsible for cleaning the cabins of cruise ship passengers, usually once or twice a day. This often includes cleaning, sorting, folding and distributing laundry and linens for both passengers and crew members. In the cabin, duties include thorough cleaning of floors and surfaces, making the bed, stocking the mini-bar and replenishing basic supplies. You might be asked to clean equipment and other areas of the ship, such as public areas, staterooms and corridors, as well.

Other Responsibilities

    In addition to all the cleaning duties, you might also welcome passengers as they come aboard and explain the emergency procedures of the vessel, kind of like an airplane stewardess. Customer service is a big part of being a cabin stewardess, and you'll often find yourself tending to the needs of passengers and answering their questions. Sometimes, you'll have to attend staff meetings, safety drills and training sessions.


    Exact qualifications for cabin stewardesses vary per employer. But by and large, you need only have a high school diploma. Some employers require a minimum age of 20 years, and a minimum of one year's worth of general work experience. In some cases, employers want candidates to have previous experience as a hotel maid.

Traits and Skills

    The cabin stewardess job suits dependable women who are able to work efficiently in mostly unsupervised conditions and follow directions well. A customer-oriented personality goes a long way in helping you land a job. Employers also appreciate cabin stewardesses who are punctual, flexible, outgoing and able to work well as part of a team. Depending on the cruise company you work for, the ability to speak different languages can be a valuable asset or even a requirement.

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