Butt Exercises for Women While Laying Down

Exercises that work your butt help define the area.
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Many women carry excess weight in their buttocks and would like to tone the area. While cardiovascular exercises, such as walking, swimming and biking, help burn fat all over your body, moves that specifically target the muscles help strengthen and shape your rear. In general, work the muscles in your butt at least twice per week with a day of rest in between each session. Talk to your doctor before beginning a new exercise routine.


    Supermans work your butt as well as your hips, thus making them an effective choice for toning your butt. To perform the exercise, lie on your stomach with your legs and arms extended, toes pointed behind you and palms facing one another. Keep your neck loose and your head in line with your backbone. As you exhale, lift your legs and arms off the floor about two to three inches and hold the position for several seconds. As you inhale, lower to the starting position. Avoid moving your head or neck and don't arch your back during the move. Do 10 to 20 repetitions.

Hip-Lift Progression

    The hip-lift progression works the muscles in your buttocks and may also ease back discomfort. To do a hip-lift progression, lie on your back, place your arms at your sides, bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor. Lift your hips toward the ceiling and hold the position for one second. Continue for 60 seconds. To make the move more challenging, extend one leg up at an angle and hold. Do this for 30 seconds then switch to the other leg.

Stability Ball Roll In

    A stability ball is useful for working many of your muscles because it challenges your balance, thus engaging them to a greater degree. The stability ball roll in move doesn't require a lot of time, but offers butt toning benefits nonetheless. To do the move, lie on your back with your legs extended and your feet resting on a stability ball. Lift your hips from the ground and bend your knees. At the same time, roll the ball toward your body by using your heels and then move the ball back to the starting position. Do two sets of 10 repetitions.

Side Lying Hip Abduction

    The side lying hip abduction move works the muscles on the sides of your butt, making it a good addition to a well-rounded workout. To perform the exercise, lie on your side with your legs extended and stacked. Place your top arm along your side and bend your other arm under your ear to support your head. Engage your stomach muscles and lift your top leg several inches into the air. Stop when you feel tension in your back. Lower the leg to the starting position and repeat 10 to 20 times. Roll over to your other side and repeat the move with your other leg.

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