How to Burn Calories With Gym Equipment

The treadmill is one piece of gym equipment that helps you burn calories.
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Forget about finding the fountain of youth; a simple way to restore the athletic body you had as a teenager is to shed fat by burning more calories than you consume. And while you can take lonely runs in the evening while fending off the odd stray dog, you might have better success by visiting a gym and making use of its calorie-burning equipment.

Step 1

Warm up your muscles by stretching before you begin to use any of the gym's equipment. "Shape" magazine recommends performing dynamic stretches before each workout. Dynamic stretches are fairly rapid movements that increase your heart rate and core temperature while putting your muscles through their range of motion. Always stretch the muscles you plan to use during the workout. Simple dynamic stretches include power skipping and kicks.

Step 2

Choose one or more aerobic machines for your workout. Aerobic exercises help you burn calories at a rapid rate, and the harder and longer you can work out, the more calories you'll burn. Gym equipment that provides an aerobic workout includes the treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical trainer and rowing machine. If you weigh 185 pounds and spend 30 minutes using the elliptical trainer, you'll burn 400 calories, according to Harvard Medical School. You will burn 466 calories during 30 minutes of vigorous stationary bike use.

Step 3

Combine aerobic exercise and weight training to develop a fat-burning circuit-training regimen. On its own, lifting weights doesn't help you burn calories at a high rate, but notes that when you alternate between aerobic exercise and weight training, you'll burn calories during the workout and boost your metabolism to continue burning calories in the hours that follow. Gyms provide many opportunities for circuit training; alternate between one-minute intervals of using a rowing machine and lifting free weights and continue the regimen for up to 45 minutes.

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