What to Bring to Job Corps

Job Corps can teach you to weld.
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Job Corps is a U.S. government-run program that can help you get career training in more than 100 fields. You'll get training that aligns with what today's employers need and help with interviewing, developing your career and entering the workforce. While you're in the Job Corps, you'll probably live in a dormitory on a campus where you'll get medical care, meals and recreational opportunities. You'll need to bring your own stuff, though.


    If you're going to be living at the Job Corps center, you'll need to have clothing for yourself. Even if you wear uniforms, you'll take them off at the end of the day. Bring comfortable clothing for when you're not in issued apparel. Consider leaving jewelry and expensive clothing at home, though. Also, Job Corps prohibits any clothing that contains offensive wording or promotes violence, drinking or controlled substances.

Personal Grooming Items

    While Job Corps might not be a fashion show, you'll still want to maintain a neat and clean appearance, so bring your own toiletries. Job Corps recommends that you have your own hair styling equipment, makeup, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste and razor. You can bring other toiletries that you want, though. You can use the money you earn while at Job Corps to replenish your stocks of toiletries.

Entertainment and Personal Use

    Your days start early, so bring an alarm clock. Photos of friends and loved ones can help make your space more like home, and bringing books will give you a way to kill free time evenings and weekends. When you bring personal items, remember that you'll be in a dormitory, with anywhere from one to seven other women sharing a room with you.

What to Leave at Home

    Because of the shared living arrangements and the rules of Job Corps, you won't need some things. Leave your car or bicycle at home. In addition, you won't need a television and may not want to bring a computer or other valuable item. Finally, leave weapons, drugs, alcohol or anything like them at home. Job Corps has strict rules about such matters.

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