Breast-Lifting Exercises With a Resistance Band

Resistance bands allow you to work out wherever you like.
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Watching your breasts lose their perkiness and give way to Mother Nature can leave you feeling dissatisfied with your appearance. You can always pay for breast lift surgery, but many women prefer cheaper, more natural alternatives. Perform breast-lifting exercises with a resistance band to get this same effect.


    Resistance bands come in a variety of styles and levels of resistance to allow you to tailor your workouts to your current strength and fitness level. Select a resistance band that feels challenging but allows you to complete eight to 12 repetitions in proper form for each exercise. Choose exercises that isolate the pectoral muscles in your chest to get the breast lift you desire.


    According to ACE Fitness, you should exercise each major muscle group at least twice a week with 48 hours of rest in between each workout. This schedule allows muscles to repair themselves and grow larger. Strength-training exercises cause microscopic tears in the muscles, which heal themselves during rest periods by increasing their mass. Exercising more frequently does not give the muscles time to recover and they will not grow.


    Resistance bands work by creating tension and can cause injury. Check your bands before each workout for tears or holes. ACE Fitness says you should avoid using resistance bands on abrasive surfaces such as blacktop and cement, surfaces that can damage the bands.

    Remember to warm up and stretch your chest muscles before exercising to avoid injury. Perform arm circles, jumping jacks or jump rope for five minutes to prepare your muscles for activity.

Bench Press

    To complete this exercise you will need to use a weight bench or similar structure. Secure the middle of the resistance band beneath the leg of the bench that is closest to your head. Lie down on your back on the bench and grab one handle of the band with each hand. Start with your hands directly next to your chest, press upward until your arms are nearly straight, and slowly lower back down.


    This exercise is done in the standing position and is similar to a chest fly. Wrap the resistance band around a stationary and stable post. With your back facing the post, grab a handle with each hand and walk forward until the resistance band does not have any slack. Start with your arms nearly straight, parallel to the ground and perpendicular to your body. Pull the resistance band and bring your hands together directly in front of your body. Slowly return to the starting position to complete one repetition.

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