Boxing Exercises for Beginners

Boxing requires cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.
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Before you lace up your gloves and get in the ring, you need to get ready for competition. Whether you are taking up boxing with the intent of fighting or just want to get into better shape, learning some basic exercises will help you hone your skills and improve your overall fitness levels. Boxers rely on cardiovascular fitness to last through multiple rounds of fighting and develop the power for punching and agility for movement.

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is a classic workout for boxers from amateurs to world champions. Jumping rope helps you move your feet quickly, an important skills for dodging punches or getting into position to punch. Adding lateral movement to your jump rope routine simulates the movement of boxers during a bout. Jump rope and move from side-to-side with each jump. As the rope comes over your head toward the floor, hop toward your left side so your left foot lands before your right foot. Go the opposite way on the next jump so your right foot hits first. You can also jump rope while running in place with an emphasis on driving your knees high.

Overhead Squat

Performing an overhead squat gives you power in your lower body while increasing your flexibility and range of motion. You can do an overhead squat with a weighted barbell or just the bar. Grasp the barbell in the snatch position with the balls of your feet under the bar and hip-width apart. With a wide overhand, squat to get your weight under the bar and extend your knees and hips to lift the bar over your head until your arms are at full extension. Squat with the bar over your head and rise to a standing position by pushing from your hips and knees.

Medicine Ball Throws

Throwing a medicine ball helps boxers to develop upper body and core abdominal strength. Performing throws with a partner or by yourself as quickly as possible increases the benefits you will get from your routine. If you are working out alone, you can throw the ball up as high in the air as you can with a two-handed underarm throw. Catch the ball with both hands and immediately repeat the motion. If you have a partner, stand 15 to 25 feet apart and throw the ball at your partner’s right hip. When your partner throws it to you, catch it, rotate to your left and immediately return the throw. After a 10 to 15 reps, switch and throw to the left hip.

Body Plank

A body plank works your core muscles along with your upper legs and also improves your cardiovascular fitness. Lie on your stomach and push up from the ground with your elbows. Tighten your abs as much as possible and hold this position for 30 to 60 seconds. Perform eight to 12 reps at a time and three sets per workout.

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